September 30, 2014
@Venture Series 10: PITCHING & DEMO DAY

We will be selecting 10 promising startups to pitch and showcase their ventures, with a focus on mobile, social media, cloud, wearables, e-commerce, big data, and the internet of things. Application instructions below. The winner’s prize worth $7,500!

@Venture promises to continue its reputation as one of the best Pitching & DEMO events in town; you will meet face-to-face with key Silicon Valley investors and get invaluable advice/lessons from our notable panel judges. We have helped bridge many startups to investors!

October 29, 2013
@Venture Series 9: The Power of Stories for Startups

For startups, stories are 100% critical. Your idea or product is only as good as the story behind it, and it’s no secret that powerful story-telling makes the difference between getting funded or not. Beyond getting funding, stories are also crucial to building a killer brand, winning the hearts and minds of customers, and inspiring the team around you. We’ve brought together some of the most gifted storytellers in Tech to discuss how entrepreneurs can successfully leverage the power of stories in their ventures.

May 2, 2013
@Venture Series 8: PITCHING & DEMO DAY

Is your startup ready for funding? Join us at our popular Pitching & DEMO Day on May 2nd. We will select some of the best 10 startups to pitch and showcase their ventures. There will be over 20 VCs and angels investors attending.

November 15, 2012
@Venture Series 7: Tackle the Basics of Fund Raising!

Are you looking for funding? Or planning to start your new venture? Come join us on two back-to-back sessions, packed with awesome insights, tips, know-how, best practices on how to get funding. Meet our stellar panel – August Capital, Garage Ventures, Onset Ventures, Outlook Ventures, Voyager Capital, Wasabi Ventures, and more. Don’t miss out!

July 28, 2012
@Venture Series 6: PITCHING & DEMO DAY

Are you looking for funding? Do you want to get feedback from the VCs about your venture? Our popular Pitching & DEMO Day is coming up on July 28. We will select some of the best 15 startups in social media, mobile, cloud, and big data sectors to pitch and showcase their ventures. There will be more than 20 VCs and angels joining us.

March 31, 2012
@Venture Series 5: “Achieving Awesome User Experience!” & “Grasping Customer Acquisition 2.0”
Session 1:  Achieving Awesome User Experience
Session 2: Grasping Customer Acquisition 2.0

Nov 12, 2011
@Venture Series 4: PITCHING & DEMO DAY
Are you looking for funding? Is your pitch VC ready? This is your opportunity to pitch your idea to our panel of investors and showcase your products to the audience.

July 30, 2011
@VENTURE Series 3: Gold Rush 3.0
Are you looking to start or working on a mobile app venture now? Are you looking to raise funds for your startup or gearing up to make your app venture a success?

In the first session of this event, “The Rise of Apps”, you will gain valuable insights from successful individuals who have started their own company in the apps space. We will tackle questions such as, how to approach this market, lessons on the do’s and don’ts and other inspiring stories and valuable advice. In the second session, “The Rise of Angels”, we have put together a stellar panel of angels, super angels, and VC to discuss how startups are being funded now.

August 16, 2008
@Venture Series 2: Show Me the Money
Session 1: Touched by Angels: Raising your seed funding
Session 2: Series A – Stepping into the Big League

June 28, 2008
@Venture Series 1: Preparing for Launch
Session 1: Company formation: Doing it right!
Session 2: Where is your dream team?