CSPA has appointed Bess Ho as President and Shail Rajput as Vice President

Menlo Park, California – May 1st, 2017 – Chinese Software Professional Association (CSPA) has officially appointed Bess Ho as President while Shail Rajput is promoted to Vice President.

“I am honored that our board has appointed me as President after I served as an Acting President over the past 10 months,” said Bess Ho, CSPA President. “This is a very challenging and demanding role to lead the fastest growing Chinese professional and non-profit organization. In our first four months, we installed our core team. And we have quickly grown our executive team to run sizable events to attract new members. We have grown our professional network by 30% in 9 shorts months despite not having any major sponsors.”

“I am extremely happy to have attracted talented and dedicated professionals to our team. Promoting Shail Rajput to Vice President from Corporate Director has been one of the smartest and best decisions I made in growing CSPA. His skills and strengths in team building and corporate communications are the perfect combination that CSPA desperately needs at this critical growth stage,” said Bess.

“CSPA is creating and delivering amazing value to the community by cutting across cultures and borders to spawn unique opportunities that make global impact. It is an exciting time at CSPA as we get ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary and help transform CSPA into a fountainhead of high-value opportunities.”, said Shail Rajput, Vice President at CSPA.

“Our CSPA Board of Directors congratulates Bess and Shail for being selected to lead CSPA during this crucial period as its membership continues to rapidly expand. We looks forward to working with them and wish them the best” stated Franklin Urteaga, CSPA’s Board of Director, former White House Advisor, and startup executive.

“After working with Bess and Shail for the past few months, I feel very positive about them. They are exactly the assets and talent that CSPA needs at this moment. Hardworking, leadership, communication skills and responsibility are all excellent characteristics I know they possess. Keep up the good work! Together, we will make CSPA strong again.” said Rocky Chan, CSPA’s Board of Director, and Partner of Mind Fund.

About CSPA

The Chinese Software Professional Association (CSPA) is one of the most prominent and fastest growing Chinese professionals organization in Silicon Valley. CSPA has over 4,400 professionals in its network and nearly 30 years of history in Silicon Valley. CSPA is on the Top 20 Most Influential Chinese organization ranked by The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.

CSPA, established in 1988, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating education, entrepreneurship and leadership. It is committed to building a Mobile-First and People-First platform where its executives and professionals succeed in this cross-border economy. For more information about the Chinese Software Professional Association, please visit www.cspa.com.