@Venture Series 14: Is Agriculture Tech going to change the world?

CSPA @Venture Series 14:
How Agriculture Tech are driving funding and innovation?



Join us for an engaging and inspiring evening of AgTech event! Agricultural tech startups have raised a significant amount of capital in the last five years. Using robotics and machine learning to solve problems in agriculture has been gaining amazing momentum since 2014, and 2017 has been the strongest quarter of funding.

Our expert AgTech speakers and panelists will discuss the changes, challenges, and opportunities taking places in AgTech investing and innovation. Come out to meet Silicon Valley AgTech entrepreneurs and investors and get to learn some of the AgTech innovations on the main trends!

Event Director: Christina Yang
MC: Livia Bartlau
Moderator: Bess Ho
VC Panel:

Diane Ding, Partner at Shenzhen Valley Ventures and Ding Ventures
Chuck Ng, Partner at PreAngel Partners
Han-Sheong, Partner at Basic VC
Renske Lynde, Co-Founder and Managing Director at FS6

Karl Uhlig, JD and Angel Investor



6:00 PM    DEMO & Networking
                  Snacks & drinks will be served
6:45 PM    MC Introduction

6:50 PM    Pitching
7:30 PM    Discussion Panel
8:30 PM    Networking
9:00 PM    Adjourn


Bess Ho, President of CSPA

Bess is a hands-on investor and adviser to early-stage and VC funded startups. She is actively involved in solving critical matters in her portfolio including market product validation, customer development, business model, partnership development, fundraising and M&A activities. She is known to be creative in turning around struggling businesses for profit or exit. She started her career as an both R&D Scientist and Engineer leading to her experience in AI business intelligence and data analytics domains in early internet days. Bess earned her graduate degree in Food Science & Technology from University of California at Davis.

Bess was Executive Director and VP of Speakers at Association of Internet Professional Silicon Valley Chapter, Founder of Silicon Valley Web Builder, Paypal External Counsel, Samsung Mobility Star. Not only Bess received numerous industrial recognitions and special newspaper coverage in business section of major US and China newspapers her advised and invested startup won a long list of awards and honors that results in raising over $60M.


Diane Ding, Founder at Ding Ventures 

Diane Ding is the founder of Ding Ventures, a venture fund that is focused on hardware in the automation space. Ms. Ding is also a partner at Shenzhen Valley Ventures, an accelerator focused on helping hardware startups prepare for their design-for-manufacturing phase. Previously, Ms. Ding was head of admissions and China partner for Founder Institute, a world-leading startup accelerator, and entrepreneur training program. She is also a co-founder of Angelhere, a seed stage incubator and angel investment fund in multiple cities in China. 


Renske Lynde, Co-Founder and Managing Director at FS6

Renske Lynde, Co-Founder and Managing Director of FS6, is a seasoned non-profit professional who has worked to transform the food system for over 20 years.  She and her husband are active angel investors in food and agriculture-related businesses. She began her career advocating for improvements in international trade agreements on behalf of sustainable agriculture practices in the mid-90s working for the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP) in Minneapolis, MN. She then built direct market channels for Pennsylvania growers and ranchers into the Philadelphia marketplace through farmers markets & other retail outlets. She also helped develop the Mid-Atlantic “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” campaign to develop a healthy regional food system as part of a national collaborative. After receiving her Master’s in Public Policy at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School, she worked to improve both the quality of and participation in the federal school meals and food stamp programs while at the San Francisco Food Bank. Renske received her BA from Boston University. 


Han-Sheong, Partner at BASIC VC

Han-Sheong Lai (Han) is an angel investor, co-chair of BASIC (Blue Angel Startups & Innovation Club) and a venture partner at UCF Capital, a fund management company of China’s UCF Group, focusing on innovative fintech technologies. Most recently Han was the Head of Product at a San Francisco based fintech startup. Prior to that, Han was VP of Product at a SaaS enterprise work collaboration software startup and Director of Product Optimization and Operational Excellence at PayPal, where he first explored data science (natural language processing, machine learning) applications. Earlier in his career Han held operational and business process/performance improvement roles at HSBC, Accenture and was a management consultant at Booz Allen, BearingPoint and Andersen Consulting in the US and Asia. Han is a certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.


Karl Uhlig, Angel Investor

Diplomat/lawyer/travel explorer and Cafetalero/coffee specialist with a passion for innovative agricultural and a family background in Allan Savory style grazing invests in purpose driven enterprises with triple bottom line and sound team to revitalize our ecosystem 1 series A at a time. 



Chuck Ng, Partner of PreAngel Partners

Chuck Ng is a partner at PreAngel Partners (PA), a cross border investment fund that invests in the broad technology sectors. PA family of funds have invested in 300+ companies with best of breed technology that take advantage of global markets and talents since its founding five years ago. Chuck has led PA’s investment efforts into 40+ US companies in the mobile, big data and AI/IoT (robotics/AR&VR/smart devices) space. He also has been instrumental in helping these portfolio companies in their growth and financing strategy. Additionally, he is an advisor/venture partner at WI Harper (one of the earliest US/China VC firms), SK Telecom (largest mobile co. in South Korea), Shanghai Government’s Big Data National Lab, Beijing Government’s ZGC Silicon Valley Innovation Center and a board member of Vimicro (NASDAQ: VIMC) from 2010-2015, a leading Chinese surveillance/semiconductor/AI company. Previously, Chuck cofounded Eureka Therapeutics and grew it to be a leading oncology therapeutic platform company in cancer immunotherapy. Prior to investing/startups, Chuck worked at eBay PayPal and led its financial strategy and global expansion to Singapore (APAC HQ), China and the creation of PayPal Bank where he won four “MVP” awards and the “PayPalian” Award, the highest award at PayPal.


Livia Bartlau, Chief Operating Officer at Eats365, Inc.

Livia is the COO of Eats365, Inc., a food and beverage technology startup, based in Hong Kong, with business throughout Asia and expanding operations in the U.S.  Eats365, Inc. is a self-funded company currently focusing on restaurant solutions to increase efficiency, lower operational costs and increase revenue.

Livia has over 18 years of experience in analysis and consulting and is passionate about improving processes.  Prior to joining Eats365, Inc., Livia has worked in the airline/travel industry at an international airline and global travel management companies on analysis, product management and consulting for large U.S. and global corporations.


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